Our Mission

CarDoor is a FREE marketplace that empowers dealers to tap into a growing pool of digital customers with our turnkey platform. We remove your need to invest to sell online saving you a ton of money on selling technology, marketing and delivery infrastructure, all while providing you with exclusive supply and service referrals.

What we do

Digital Retail Marketplace

We take your inventory and sell to a large and growing pool of online buyers outside of your community! You don’t have to lift a finger.

Exclusive Access to Supply

We use our proprietary network to help you with supply so that you can sell more!

Service Referrals

We refer vehicle owners within your community to you so that you can maximize your back-of-house!

Why this 👆 is important

Over 80% of car shoppers are open to buying online

Large virtual dealers (Clutch, CanadaDrives, etc.) & OEMs already selling online

Digital retailing & delivery is complex and costly

What you can expect

More inventory turns & margin

$0 investment to sell online

High customer lifetime value


CarDoor allows us to participate in digital retailing without additional investments in technology or staff. Their turnkey process provides an opportunity to move inventory to customers we otherwise wouldn’t see and the hands off approach lets us focus on other aspects of our business.

It did not take long for CarDoor to gain traction for us. In addition to helping us move incremental units, CarDoor also provides us with service referrals and access to exclusive inventory outside of traditional channels, which is very well represented and delivered to us.

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