Frequently Asked Questions

If the can’t find the answers to your questions below, please do not hestitate to reach out to us via chat, phone or email.

General Questions

How does the CarDoor online shopping process work?

Browse our inventory on and find vehicles that you’re interested in. Estimate payments and save your configurations in your personal “My Garage”. When you’ve found the vehicle that you’re interested in, you can submit a credit application, get a value for your trade-in, or “buy now”. If you’d like to make a cash purchase, when you click on “Buy Now” our concierge team will be in touch to confirm that your preferred vehicle isn’t already on reserve and being sold to another customer. They’ll confirm some details, obtain a copy of your identification, and send you a Bill of Sale for which you can obtain a Bank Draft to complete the sale. If you’re interested in financing or a trade-in, the Concierge will work on all of those details for you, too. We’re here to help if you have questions at any step in the process. When everything is finalized, we’ll schedule your vehicle delivery!

Are the vehicles on CarDoor sold certified?

Our vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection before being sold and come safety certified and licensed. We also include a 90-day Complimentary Warranty to provide you with peace of mind protection.

Are there any fees?

On top of your purchase price, there is a minimum $299 delivery fee. The delivery fee increases when we must deliver further than our primary service area – the GTA and surrounding. Speak to your CarDoor Concierge for details.

Can I negotiate price?

Our mission at CarDoor is to make the car buying process as enjoyable as possible. To avoid the high-pressure sales tactics that can cause buyers confusion or discomfort, we offer no-haggle pricing.

What methods of payment do you accept?

If you choose to purchase a vehicle outright, without financing, we accept payment by Bank Draft.

What areas do you service?

Our primary service area is within a 300km radius of Toronto, Ontario Canada. If you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle from CarDoor and you believe that you live outside of our service area, please speak with our Service Concierge to see if we can accommodate your delivery.


Buying a Car

Where can I see/test drive this car?

The most unique aspect of buying a car online is that there is no dealership to view and test-drive the vehicle. To provide total peace of mind with the process, you have 10-days from delivery to drive the vehicle and ensure that you’re happy with it. Basically, you get an extended test drive! If – for ANY reason – you are dissatisfied, we offer a 10-day Money Back Guarantee.

Where is this car located?

Your vehicle will be delivered directly to your preferred location – our customers usually prefer to have it dropped conveniently at home.

How long will it take to receive my car?

Once your purchase has been completed, our Delivery team will work with you to schedule a convenient time to drop your vehicle off. Once you provide proof of insurance, we’ll look after licensing your vehicle and preparing it for delivery. Your delivery usually occurs within a few days to a week of completing your purchase.

Do you deliver?

Yes! Our Delivery Specialists drive your vehicle to your desired location and take the time to help familiarize you with the vehicle and its features and answer any questions you may have. Then we’ll hand you the keys so that you can enjoy the ride.

What if I have an issue with the car?

Get in touch! We’re here to help, just as we are at every step of the purchase process. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue promptly and to your satisfaction, plus, your vehicle comes with a 90-day Complimentary Warranty and 10-day Money Back Guarantee.

How do I get licensing?

We look after licensing your vehicle so that once we drop your vehicle off, you’re ready to enjoy the ride!

How do I arrange insurance?

Before we can license your vehicle, you will need to provide proof of vehicle insurance. Speak with your insurance provider, provide them with the vehicle Make, Model, Model Year, etc. and when you have selected your coverage, they will provide you a “Binder” – a electronic copy of a document confirming that you have purchased insurance coverage for that vehicle. When you provide us with that document, we can complete the licensing process prior to delivering your vehicle.


Selling/Trading in a Car

Can I provide my own photos for appraisal?

To provide you with a firm offer for your vehicle, we require you to provide photos using our online appraisal tool, PAVE. Through a guided process that you follow on your mobile phone, you’ll provide 13 specific photos that are used to create a condition report. You’ll receive that report and we use (along with the photos) to promote your vehicle to our buyer network and get you the best offer available.

How do I get paid for my car?

When we arrive to pick up your vehicle, we will give you a cheque or e-transfer (up to certain value) on the spot before loading the vehicle for transport.

Do you pick up my car or do I have to deliver it?

We’ll come to you, provide you with payment, and pick up the vehicle.

Can I sell my vehicle to CarDoor if I am a co-owner?

Yes, you can, however, both owners will have to sign the paperwork and be present at the time that we pick the vehicle up from you.

How long does it take to get an offer?

We promote your vehicle to our network of hundreds of buyers. Ideally, we give them 2-3 days to respond to ensure that we get you the highest value for your vehicle. If you’re in a rush, we can provide you with the best offer received within the first business day.

How accurate is the online estimate?

We work with CarFax to provide you with an online estimate that is based on similar vehicles in your area that have been listed for sale or recently sold. If you want to receive a firm offer using our online tool, you’ll submit photos that give us a good idea of the condition of your vehicle. We’ll showcase your photos, along with the vehicle inspection and mileage (kilometrage) report generated through our system, to our buyer network. From there, we can provide you the best available firm offer and if you agree, we’ll pick up the vehicle and pay you at the time of pickup.

Will I be able to sell my car with CarDoor if it has an outstanding loan balance?

Yes. Once you have accepted an offer, CarDoor will pay off the balance of the loan with your lender and then pay you the remaining value when we pick up the vehicle. Note: it can take your lender several days to process the payment and close out your account after receiving payment.



How long does it take to get an approval?

Your application is very high priority to us, and we will work with you and our large network of lenders to promptly find a finance solution that works. In some cases, we may work with several lenders to try to get you the most favourable conditions and rates, so it could take a few business days.

Do you finance newcomers to Canada?

We work with a large network of lenders to offer finance solutions for as wide a range of customers as possible. That may include newcomers, young people with minimal credit history, etc. Everyone’s situation is different, and we are happy to work with you to find the most favourable conditions and rates available. Start by applying here.

Is my loan open?

Yes, Auto Loans are open-ended, so they can be paid off before the end of your term without a penalty. Our Finance specialists will discuss the terms of your loan on an individual basis and ensure that you’re aware of any potential terms specified by your lender.

What identification is required in order to apply for credit?

To receive financing, you must provide valid Canadian ID such as a Driver’s License, Passport, Photo ID Card, Citizenship Card, or Permanent Resident Card. If applicable, your co-applicant must also provide their valid Canadian ID.

Is my SIN Required to Apply for Credit?

Though not mandatory, your SIN is recommended, to ensure that our lenders can match you to any credit history without any delay.

Do I have to put money down?

Everyone’s situation is different. In some cases, our buyers prefer a trade-in instead of a downpayment. Our Finance specialists will discuss your options with you.

How does financing work if I have a trade-in?

A Trade-in can help to minimize the total value that you need to finance. The trade-in value (plus applicable taxes) is applied to reduce the purchase price of your new vehicle. You may finance the remaining value. If you have a balance remaining on the vehicle that you’re trading in, that loan will be paid off and the balance added to the total new balance that you’re borrowing.

How can I buy a car if my application for credit is not approved?

Everyone’s situation is different, so if your loan is not approved initially, our Finance Managers may suggest options with you such as making a larger downpayment or having a co-applicant added to your application.

What will my interest rate be?

Because everyone’s credit and financial situation is different, we can determine the best finance rate available for you when you submit a Credit Application. We work with a large network of lenders to determine the most favourable terms and rates for you.

Does submitting a finance application impact my credit score?

Each time you apply for credit, your score may be impacted by a few points over a short period of time. Our initial inquiry is a soft inquiry, but when we get into negotiations with specific lenders, it may require a hard check.

Is there a finance fee?

While CarDoor does not charge you a fee to help you obtain financing, your loan will be subject to the agreed upon interest rate. The total cost of borrowing will be discussed with you before you accept the terms of the loan.



Is there a fee for the 90-day Warranty?

Not at all! Our vehicles come with a 90-day Complimentary Warranty. We also offer the opportunity to purchase extended coverage with our CarDoor Warranty plans.

What components are covered by the 90-day Warranty?

– Engine & Transmission
– Drive Axle
– Suspension
– Electrical components, sensors & wiring
– Brakes & Safety System
– Fluid systems
– Heating & AC
– Steering

What are the limitations of the 90-day Warranty?

The 90-day Warranty is intended to resolve mechanical issues that are not evident at the time of delivery and does not cover cosmetic concerns that are present and disclosed prior to purchase and delivery, routine maintenance items, or damage from lack of maintenance. Damage from aftermarket modifications or misuse isn’t covered, and acts of God, like flooding from a natural disaster, are also not covered. We unfortunately cannot offer our warranty if the car has been in an accident, damaged, modified or altered from the condition it was delivered in.

How do I obtain service under my 90-day Complimentary Warranty?

Contact us here at CarDoor and we’ll make arrangements with you to get the issues diagnosed and resolved!

Do you offer extended warranty?

Yes! In addition to the 90-day Complimentary Warranty that you receive when you purchase a vehicle from CarDoor, you may choose to purchase extended coverage with CarDoor Warranty and Gap Protection. Details are available here.

What is covered under my extended warranty?

A complete list of covered components and warranty details is listed here.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

If you have purchased extended coverage with a CarDoor Warranty, you are also covered for Emergency Roadside Assistance and Towing as well as lockout service, tire change, battery boost, cold weather starting, and emergency delivery of fuel!

How do I obtain service through my extended warranty?

Start a claim by calling Canada General Warranty at 1-866-320-8975. They have a list of preferred service centres across Canada but will also work with you at most licensed service centres.

What if my vehicle takes a long time to be repaired?

If you have purchased extended coverage with a CarDoor Warranty, you may be eligible for alternative transportation. If your vehicle requires a major repair, you may be authorized to rent a vehicle and have the expenses reimbursed. Speak with Canada General Warranty at 1-866-320-8975 to determine your eligibility.

Is there a deductible for repairs completed through my extended warranty?

Great news! There is zero deductible on all our extended warranty plans.

What is GAP Protection? Why would I need it?

GAP stands for “Guaranteed Auto Protection.” In the case of an accident that results in a total loss of the vehicle you purchased from CarDoor, if you’ve purchase GAP Protection, you’re protected from financial loss. If your vehicle insurance does not cover the entire value of your outstanding loan, your GAP Protection covers the deficit, up to $50,000, plus up to $1000 deductible. In addition, if you return to CarDoor to purchase a replacement vehicle, you’ll receive $500 towards your downpayment.

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