Online Car Buying in Ontario: CarDoor vs Canada Drives and Clutch

The digital era has transformed the way Canadians buy cars, with online platforms offering convenience, transparency, and a world of choice. Let’s take a closer look at how CarDoor compares to two of our major competitors: Canada Drives and Clutch. By comparing features, services, and unique offerings, we aim to help you make an informed decision when navigating the road to your next vehicle. 


Canada Drives: 

Canada Drives works with a large network of dealers to refer customers who have been pre-approved for financing to a vendor that offers vehicles that fall within their requirements and their approved budget. While the initial step is completed online, they follow a traditional approach requiring you to visit the dealership that you’re referred to in order to test drive, negotiate pricing, complete paperwork, and take delivery of your vehicle. Ultimately, you’re not actually buying a vehicle online. 


  • Wide Network: Canada Drives boasts an extensive network of dealerships across the country, providing users with a diverse selection of vehicles. 
  • Quick Approval: Their fast approval process for financing appeals to buyers looking for a seamless experience. 


  • You Must Visit a Dealership: When you fill out an application with Canada Drives, you’re pre-qualifying for auto financing. Based on the results of your credit application, Canada Drives will determine a price range for the vehicles that you qualify for and connect you with a dealership that offers vehicles in your price range. You’ll have to visit a dealership to discuss the vehicles available, take a test drive, and purchase your vehicle. Then return to pick your vehicle up once it has been registered and prepped for delivery. 
  • Limited Inventory Information: In their reviews, some users report a lack of detailed information about vehicles on the platform. That’s because Canada Drives doesn’t have vehicle inventory. They connect you with a Dealership in your area that can sell you a vehicle within your price range. This can make it challenging to compare options effectively. 
  • Varied User Experiences: Reviews suggest that the experience with Canada Drives can vary, with some praising the efficiency while others cite communication challenges, difficulty with the salespeople, etc. 



Clutch is an online platform where you can sell or purchase a vehicle. Their marketing efforts focus heavily on selling your car to Clutch. They then condition those vehicles for resale and post them as inventory that you can purchase. They operate in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. While they do offer delivery of your vehicle, they also have several partner dealership locations where they ask you to deliver or pickup your vehicle. They state that once they pickup your vehicle, you’ll receive a transfer of payment to your account within a few days. 


  • Transparent Financing: Clutch is known for its transparent financing options, helping buyers understand the financial aspects of their purchase clearly. 
  • Customer Support: Users appreciate Clutch’s responsive customer support, providing assistance throughout the buying process. 


  • Limited Inventory: Clutch’s business model involves purchasing inventory from consumers and auto auctions, cleaning and/or reconditioning the vehicles, and reselling them to their customers for a mark-up. This means that their inventory may be limited. This can be a drawback for those seeking a specific make or model. 
  • Geographic Restrictions: Clutch’s services are currently only available in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  
  • Pickup Experience: Clutch offers customers an opportunity to drop-off the vehicle that they’re selling, or pickup their new vehicle, at partner locations. Reviews indicate that the customer experience at those locations varies – with some complaining that the agreed price changed once they met with the Clutch team in person, causing dissatisfaction. 



CarDoor operates in a truly online business model. We have an extensive inventory offering buyers many options to fit their lifestyle and budget. We also provide detailed information about those vehicles to help you make an informed decision. We offer no-haggle pricing and we are not driven by commission, so we provide helpful and friendly assistance without the pressure tactics you may experience when dealing with a dealership. You can purchase a vehicle outright or finance it and we offer a 10-day Money Back Guarantee and 90-day Complimentary Warranty to reduce any risk that you may feel in buying a vehicle unseen. Plus, when you sell your vehicle to CarDoor, we pay you immediately, handing you a cheque when we pick up your car.  


  • Extensive Vehicle Information: CarDoor stands out for providing a wide inventory – regularly offering more than 1,300 vehicles from many different brands – with comprehensive details about each vehicle on its platform, empowering users to make informed decisions. This information includes pricing, specifications, and interior and exterior photos of each available vehicle.  
  • Transparent Financing: CarDoor works with a wide variety of lenders, providing financing options to customers in all situations – from ideal credit scores to newcomers with limited credit history. 
  • True Online Experience: CarDoor doesn’t pretend to be an online car buying platform while passing you off to a dealership. Customers aren’t sent to pick-up points to complete their transactions. Everything is handled online and a Delivery Specialist brings your dealership right to your door, offering you a walkaround to explain any of the key features and technologies and make sure you’re happy with your purchase. 


  • Limited Geographic Coverage: While expanding, CarDoor’s coverage may not be as extensive as some competitors, potentially affecting accessibility for users in certain regions. 
  • Relatively New: CarDoor may not be as well-known as some of the older, more established platforms so people are still asking “Is CarDoor Legit?”. Indeed, CarDoor is totally legit and offers a fully online car buying experience.  


While each platform – Canada Drives, Clutch, and CarDoor – brings its own set of advantages and considerations, the right choice depends on your preferences, priorities, and the specific features that align with your car-buying journey. Of course, we’re biased, believing that CarDoor offers the best online car buying experience available. You can shop online, get no-pressure assistance from the CarDoor Concierge team instead of dealing with pushy salespeople. And we’ll deliver your vehicle directly to your door – enabling you to skip the dealership altogether!